Previous field trips of our chapter

Wednesday, April 9, 2014, 9:30 a.m.: AT SHORT NOTICE: Mojave Desert Wildflowers: Black Butte Basin Trip: Spectacular bloom in the Mojave Desert is reported in recent days, hence this field trip at short notice. The bloom was exceptional on Saturday, April 5, but it won't persist long after the onset of hotter weather forecast for next week. The bloom is especially good in the vacinity of the Highways 138/18 intersection, from where it has been spreading. Thus we'll start at that point. We'll travel a distance of approximately 10 miles for a total time of 3-4 hours. Leader Walt Fidler, renaewalt (at) yahoo (dot) com, 626-358-4208 (evenings).

Directions: Meet 9:30 a.m. in the dirt area between SR 138 and SR 18 at their intersection, which is 1.5 miles east of Largo Vista Road on SR 138, east of Palmdale. We'll explore the desert on foot at various locations. Walking will be easy and distances will depend on the participants. Bring everything you need. We'll be in an unpopulated part of the Mojave Desert the entire time. There are no facilities available. Bring extra batteries for your camera. Above all, TAKE SPECIAL CARE, especially on SR 138, which is known as a dangerous highway.

Intended route: After exploring the desert north of the 138/18 intersection, we'll drive west 1.5 miles and turn right at Largo Vista Road. After heading north a short distance, we'll veer right onto Black Butte Basin Road (signed) and follow it a few miles. We'll turn left at the Palmdale Blvd sign and stop immediately after. Travel will be on good dirt roads, passable for all vehicles, in Black Butte Basin.

Further information: Click here for a flier, including a plant list. Click here for a map.