Special Announcements

California Native Plant Week, April 13-21, 2019: In 2010, the California Native Plant Society (CNPS) was successful in persuading the state legislature designate the third week in April each year as “California Native Plant Week”. The legislature recognized that “California native plants, being perfectly suited to California's climate and soil, require far fewer fertilizers, soil amendments, or pesticides, and use 60 to 90 percent less water than conventional landscapes.” What the legislature didn’t mention, is the beauty and resilience of our native plants! This year, native plant week is April 13 through 21, and we invite you to share your excitement and joy, and your own experiences with native plants, with the people in your life and the community you live and work in.

How? Here are some ideas:
- Invite your family and friends to attend with you any number of the special events listed below.
- Share a native plant bouquet from your own garden (or a friend’s garden with their permission) with your neighbors, your colleagues at work, or your local library.
- Share a native plant with your city council or local representative, accompanied by a complementary Flora or Fremontia magazine and an informational card indicating that the flowers are from a private garden and not picked in the wild. CNPS can provide free magazines and cards.

Click here to download a POSTER (requires 11 x 17-inch paper for full-size printing).

A series of special events is planned in our area during California Native Plant Week. For details, click here to see the CNPW notice in the FIELD OUTINGS section below on this page.

For additional information, see the CNPS state web site's special page.