Previous field trips of our chapter

Wednesday, April 3, 2013, 9 a.m.: Chamisal Mesa, Angeles National Forest: This trip will explore a Forest Service road (2N15) leading away from Highway 39 above Bichota Canyon. The area is somewhat disturbed with firebreaks scarring the tops of the ridges, but many plants are flowering along the road and in the surrounding chaparral. The road is gently graded and goes steadily uphill — in two hours, we could climb two to four hundred feet. The views are spectacular. Leader Jane Tirrell (jgtirrell [AT] gmail [DOT] com).

Directions: Take Highway 39 north from Asuza exactly four miles past the gate to the road up the west fork of the San Gabriel River. (You can read the words "Cogswell Dam" on the gate.) After you cross the bridge over the north fork of the river, the turn-out for our road 2N15 is within about 0.1 mile. There is space for a few cars there, but we need to be sure not to block the gate. There are more turn-outs a few yards back down the highway. An Adventure Pass is needed; the outing will last two hours. There are no rest rooms near the road 2N15, but you can stop at the West Fork parking area on the way up.

Map of the area: Click the following links for a JPG file or a PDF file.