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Thursday, March 28, 2013: Rare Plant Treasure Hunts and the Red Jeepsters Team, with Kathy LaShure: Over the past two years the Red Jeepsters, Kathy and Rich LaShure of Inyokern, had many adventures seeking out rare plants in the Northern Mojave Desert and on the Kern Plateau in the Southern Sierras. Their work earned several awards from the State CNPS staff. Kathy will give an overview of how CNPS determines the rarity of a plant and what the several categories of rarity mean. Then she will introduce you to the 19 rare plant species for which they submitted 63 occurrence records. Some were casual discoveries, while others were located on planned Rare Plant Treasure Hunts.

Kathy and Rich are former members of our chapter. Kathy is warmly remembered as editor of our newsletter, The Paintbrush, for over eight years until she moved to Inyokern in 2005. Kathy was instrumental in forming the Creosote Ring Subchapter of the Bristlecone Chapter of CNPS. The Subchapter was awarded First Place in the Chapter Awards section of the 2012 Rare Plant Treasure Hunt. The work described in this talk contributed significantly to this award.