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Floristic exploration in the land that time forgot: A vascular flora of the southern Inyo Mountains, Inyo County, CA, with Maria Jesus: The Inyo Mountains in Inyo County, California, are an important plant area where the Great Basin and Mojave Deserts meet. This area was once home to several thriving mining towns, but today is rarely traveled. Despite high numbers of endemic species, the southern portion of this mountain range is nearly roadless and remains botanically underexplored. Here, one is more likely to encounter a mining artifact or relictual plant species than another person. Mining may return to this important plant area which is currently under threat by an exploratory gold mining project. My floristic research in this area establishes baseline data that will help stakeholders better understand the potential impacts of a mining project and garner public support in favor of conservation. In this presentation, I will share preliminary results of my floristic research, including new occurrences of rare taxa and an update on the status of the Conglomerate Mesa drilling project