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Thursday, June 27, 2019, 7:30 p.m.: Rare plants of Orange County — native and otherwise, with Ron Vanderhoff: Laguna Beach live-forever, big-leaf crownbeard, adder's tongue fern and San Diego chamise. What do these have in common with bitou bush, Santa Maria feverfew, Australian fireweed and Egyptian knapweed? They are all regionally rare plants, with small populations. In this two-part program, Ron Vanderhoff will take you on a tour of several of the rare plants in Orange County. We will begin with rare native species, emphasizing their rare habitats. It is often rare habitats, that are home to rare plants. The second portion of the program will highlight some of the newest and most destructive non-native weeds in the region. These are non-native plants that have recently arrived in Orange County (and maybe the Inland Empire?) and threaten many of those same habitats — and our native flora. With the development of their Emergent Invasive Plant Program, Orange County CNPS has become a leader in the early detection and rapid response to these emergent invasive plants. Ron will share some weedy stories, highlight a few successes and give a brief overview of this award-winning invasive program.

Ron Vanderhoff is a local native plant expert and Orange County chapter board member. He is a member of the chapter's Rare Plant Committee and Chair of their Invasive Plant Committee.