Previous field trips of our chapter

Saturday, May 18, 2019, 9:30 a.m.: South Pasadena Nature Park: Grade: Easy, but the entrance includes a slight hill with bumpy terrain, so is not wheelchair accesisble. Leader: Barbara Eisenstein.

The South Pas Nature Park (officially, South Pasadena Arroyo Seco Woodland and Wildlife Park) was dedicated as a nature park in October of 2004.   This four-acre parcel along the Arroyo Seco flood control channel is graced with mature coast live oaks, southern walnuts and western sycamores. Planted with sage, buckwheat and other native coastal sage scrub plants, the park provides an inviting environment for birds, lizards, squirrels and numerous other critters. The following are among the many plants that typically bloom in May: scarlet bugler, showy penstemon, yellow penstemon, sacred datura, purple sage, coyote melon, narrow-leaf milkweed, California buckwheat, bush sunflower, sticky monkeyflower, poppies, globe gilia, and clarkia. Special features include educational signage, a certified monarch butterfly waystation, and a labyrinth garden.

Directions and recommendations: The location is the 100 block of Pasdena Avenue, South Pasadena. Google maps link:  A hat, walking shoes and water are recommended. Wear work clothes if you wish to join the Friends of the Nature Park work party, following the walk. The volunteer Friends meet weekly and are responsible for improving the habitat and maintaining the Park. No amenities at the Park, but there are public restrooms about a quarter of a mile from the Park in the Arroyo Seco Golf Course restaurant.