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Thursday, February 28, 2019, 7:30 p.m.: Plant Propagation 101, with Su and Hank Kraus of Moosa Creek Nursery: This talk focuses on plant propagation techniques used at Moosa Creek Nursery: the pitfalls, solutions, joys, and frustrations of propagating native plants. Propagation methods to be covered include seed, vegetative cuttings, and divisions. There will be tips on seed cleaning, treatments, etc.

Hank and Su Kraus are founders and owners of Moosa Creek Nursery. They have guided the expansion of the nursery from its inception to its position today as one of Southern California’s prime native nurseries. Together with their team, they grow over 400 species and varieties of California native plants. They oversee the propagation of native plants for large scale restoration contracts as well as growing selections designed for the Southern California home gardener.

Hank and Su are long-time members of the San Diego chapter of CNPS and the Western Region of IPPS (International Plant Propagators Society). Hank is a member of the Southern California Working Group on Phytophthera.

Both Hank and Su had a background in business before their passion for growing native plants overtook them!