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Thursday, February 25, 2016, 7:30 p.m.: Returning rain water to the aquifer: Simple water infiltration practices, with Orchid Black: We do get rain in southern California, and when it comes, we throw most of it into the storm drain. Reclaiming water from storm drains is difficult, and so about half of the rainfall flowing down the Los Angeles River in a typical storm is lost to the ocean (SGV Tribune). We can do better. This program will show simple ways to detain water on site and infiltrate it back in to the aquifer. Orchid will show examples of swales, earthworks, cisterns and other rainwater harvesting methods that can be used to store water on site, creating a better environment for plants to grow and helping to refill our aquifers and our wells.

Orchid Black is a garden designer and owner of Native Sanctuary (formerly Pitcher Sage Design), which offers native plant consulting, habitat creation, and sustainable design services to the greater Los Angeles area. She writes and lectures about native plants, water-saving strategies, and sustainable gardening. Orchid is currently our Chapter President.