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Thursday, January 28, 2016, 7:30 p.m.: Of Moss and Men - Bryophytes for Everyone, with Kirsten Fisher: This talk will provide an introduction to the diminutive yet fascinating world of non-vascular plants.  A far cry from mere scaled-down vascular plants, bryophytes possess a unique biology and ecology that distinguish them as a unique component of our local flora. A glimpse into the fascinating features and lifestyles of these plants should leave you curious and inspired to look more closely on your next hike.

Dr. Kirsten Fisher is an Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at Cal State LA, where she teaches courses in Ecology, Evolution, Ethnobotany, and Plant Systematics (among other things). Her lab investigates the ecology and evolution of mosses, particularly Syntrichia caninervis, an important component of the Mojave Desert biological soil crust community.