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A Summer Bird Census of Los Angeles Flood Control Basins by Daniel Cooper

"The Los Angeles Basin features several large areas of riparian habitat associated with flood control structures ... these sites, along with soft-bottomed stretches of river channel scattered throughout the basin, are generally the only riparian habitat for miles around, and offer a glimpse of what the early Los Angeles Basin creeks and sloughs would have looked like ... there has never been a systematic survey of this habitat during summer."

Notable Birds ... gleanings from the group messages which are entirely in the winter in contrast to Dan Cooper's survey which took place in the summer.

Trip description from Pasadena Audubon Society:

This trip will highlight the avian diversity of the basin at Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area in Irwindale. The lake collects many wintering herons, ducks, grebes, and gulls. The region surrounding lake with trees and scrub can be very good for chaparral birds, wintering passerines, and the occasional visitor from high elevations.

Site description from Pomona Valley Audubon Society:

The lake here is good for ducks and gulls. The chaparral is the home to California quail, cactus wren, Allen's hummingbird and various sparrows.

For latest bird sightings try these links and search for "Santa Fe Dam":

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