Greenstripe or Plain Mariposa Lily grows in granitic soils in the coniferous forests at a higher elevation than any other kind of Calochortus found in the San Gabriels.


Walks on the Wild Side, Fall-Winter, 2008-9

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Selected walks

November 5, West Fork of the San Gabriel
November 19, Marshall Canyon
December 3, Hacienda Hills Coyote Trail
January 7, Shoemaker Canyon Road to Nowhere
January 21, Santa Fe Dam Natural Area
February 4, West Fork in Winter


Colors of the San Gabriels

When to See Wildflowers in Southern California

Where to Find Wildflowers in the San Gabriel Mountains

Back Roads with Fall Foliage in October and November

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Maps and notes for the selected walks:

Click here for a map of short hikes in the area

November 19, Marshall Canyon
Meet at the parking lot marked “P” on the map, 9 am

Map and directions:

Features: sycamore trees

More information:
Bob Muns has made a plant guide for the area. Paper only.

Marshall Canyon Regional Park: “Explore two deeply shaded canyons in the foothills above Claremont and Pomona ...The inner recesses of both canyons are smothered by a leafy canopy of live oak, sycamore, and alder trees.”

December 3, Hacienda Hills Trailhead
Meet at the trailhead end of 7th Avenue, 9 am

Hacienda Hills Trails map:

The plan is to take the Ahwinga Trail to the top where it meets the formerly named Skyline Trail now called the Schabarum Trail.

Features: view

More information:
Western Puente Hills Access Guide (contains a bit of history and some flora and fauna)

Bob Muns has made a plant list for this trail which is online at

Switchbacks, bring your walking sticks; although when I did this about 10 years ago it seemed easy enough, that was then ... (sigh) this is now

January 7, Shoemaker Canyon Road to Nowhere
Meet at the end of the paved Shoemaker Canyon Road where it is gated, 9 am

Map and Directions: here
Features: leg stretcher, tunnels if we get that far

Some pictures and a blog at

January 21, Santa Fe Dam Natural Area
Meet at the Nature Center Parking Lot, 9 am

Fee possible. Use restroom to the left at the bottom of the incline. Then go north towards the mountains following the paved road curving left towards the Nature Center

Map and directions: here

Features: first wildflowers of the new year, view toward snowy mountains, unique plant assemblages, birds

More information:
The Natural History of Santa Fe Dam at links not updated; plant list, bird list, butterfly list incomplete, there are very few

February 7, West Fork in Winter
Meet upper West Fork trailhead parking lot across bridge, 9 am

Map and directions: Take Hwy 39, Azusa Canyon/San Gabriel Canyon Road north about 12 miles from the 210 Freeway.

Features: ferns, weeping walls, waterfalls

More information:
I kinda like these storm photos of winter at its worst (best?) in the places we've been at If you have PowerPoint installed check out the slide show of what has happened to the West Fork bridge in the past

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