Walks on the Wild Side, Fall-Winter, 2008-9

November 5, 2008
West Fork of the San Gabriel River

We went to see the progress of the fall colors …

Bigleaf Maple, Acer macrophyllum. Photo by Graham.

White Alders, Alnus rhombifolia, lining the West Fork of the San Gabriel River. Photo by Graham.

More photos

California sycamore, Platanus racemosa photo by Graham

Reflections photo by Graham

San Gabriel River photo by Graham

Velvet ash trees, Fraxinus velutina from the Firefly Forest

but we found milkweed and its associates ...

Narrowleaf Milkweed and Associates

Section 1. The Plant Asclepias fascicularis, narrowleaf milkweed

Section 2. Insects that feed directly on the milkweed plant

Section 3. Insects that feed on the insects that feed on the milkweed

Section 4. Other insects we saw

“I do not seek. I find.” — Pablo Picasso

I wish to express my appreciation to the photographers who so generously let me use their photos for these pages, Karen Isa, Graham Bothwell and Michael Charters, and to Bob Allen for the bug identification and to my companions on these walks whose sharp eyes and funny comments enliven the journey. You're a great bunch! Many thanks! Jane

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