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Mar 20th, 2022 (Article in newsletter, March 2022)

Chapter Leadership Updates - Grateful Goodbyes and Welcomes

Helena Bowman

Thank You to our Outgoing Leadership

We thank Cliff McLean for his years as President. He has been part of our Chapter for many years and knows all the ins and outs of both our Chapter and State CNPS. Cliff is a true renaissance man! I find his support invaluable. Jane Tirrell is retiring from her job as Treasurer. We are very grateful for her years taking care of our treasury. I am glad to announce that Jane is still on as our Rare Plant Chairperson. Barbara Eisenstein is the Queen of the Plant Sale. She is now retiring as Plant Sale Chair. We thank her for all the years of running it. She has trained a good group of volunteers over the years, and we will start building a new Plant Sale Committee. Thank you so much, Cliff, Jane, and Barbara.

Welcome to the New Board!

Vice President Orchid Black - Thank you, Orchid, you are a rock star. Both at the Chapter and on the State CNPS. We are so grateful to have you on the Board.

Secretary Anh Hoang - Thank you and welcome! This is Anh’s first time on the Board. We are very happy to have you.

Treasurer Joy Walters - Joy will now take care of our “Books”. Thank you for joining the Board.

Chapter Delegate Margaret Gallagher - Welcome Margaret! She is also our Newsletter Editor. As a Chapter Delegate, Margaret represents our Chapter at the State CNPS level. This includes voting rights at Chapter meetings. She is the communication channel between State CNPS and San Gabriel Mountains Chapter. She will be busy this year!

Appointed Directors

William Hallstrom - Welcome William! He is our chapter’s new Social Media Chair.  William is running the Chapter’s Instagram and Facebook page.

Portia Besocke - Welcome Portia! She is our new Plant Sale Chair. Portia is experienced with growing plants and organizing sales. A perfect addition to our committees.

Rebecca Shield-Moose - Rebecca is continuing as our Conservation Chair. Thank you, Rebecca!

Clifford McLean - Cliff is the Past President, as such he is invaluable to advise us. Thank you, Cliff, for joining our board of Directors!

Committee Chairs

Conservation - Rebecca Shield-Moose

Field Trips - Position is open. This is a very important position. The Chair organizes and plans plant hikes. We all want to go out on botanical trips. The chapter-run field trips are so valuable with a knowledgeable leader. 

Grants - Helena Bowman

Horticulture - Position is open. This is a perfect place for a gardener with Native Plant knowledge.

Hospitality - Position is open. We don’t need one until the chapter is meeting in-person, but it will be most needed at the November Plant Sale.

Invasive Plants - Roger Klemm

Membership - Gabi and Cliff McLean.

Newsletter - Margaret Gallagher.

Outreach - Helena Bowman. 

Past President - Clifford McLean.

Plant Sale - Portia Besocke. The Plant Sale is our big fundraiser.

Programs - Orchid Black (Acting). This is also one of the most enjoyable positions. To find and show new presenters and subjects at our monthly meetings. Orchid is happy to train a new person for the job.

Rare Plants - Jane Tirrell.

Social Media - William Hallstrom.

Website - Graham Bothwell.


The Chapter Committees are still in the building stage. We need people, not just the Chairperson. This is not a one-person job, and I hope we will have more members joining us. We have many interesting projects going on. See which one you find interesting and contact us - Helena Bowman at Please mark the subject line: CNPS-SGM Committees, or through our website.


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