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Mar 20th, 2022 (Article in newsletter, March 2022)

President's Letter - March 2022

Helena Bowman
Our new president, Helena Bowman.

I want to thank the CNPS members for the vote of confidence to give me the position of president for this Chapter. It has been many years since I sat in a president’s seat. I hope you will bear with me until I find my feet. A short introduction: I studied botany and marine botany in Sweden. When moving to California, I instantly bought a flora and was amazed over the diversity of plants here in California, just Southern California! Sweden has only 372 species of plants, I know them all by heart. California has about 6,500 plants. I have no hope of meeting them all face to face. But I enjoy every flower I meet, even when I don’t know its name. Living in California got me interested in geology, so I took an A.A. in Physical Science to learn more about the land around here. I have been president in PTA during my children’s school years and president for the docent board of the Natural History Museum of L.A. Co. To be a president of an organization means to delegate the workload. We have many projects that need a pair of willing hands. So, I hope you will find time to help. Let us know what interests you have, and we will find a spot on a committee you will enjoy.

Making plans for our chapter during the Covid has been very difficult. At this point we will continue having our meetings on Zoom. What we can re-instate are our field trips. We can now meet outside to enjoy nature and look for flowers. The board had a planning meeting, and many suggestions came up: please let us know how you feel about field trips again. And, if you have more suggestions of interesting hikes – that we like to hear as well! We like to have an assortment of different types. Best is, if they are a mix of short to long and easy to a bit more strenuous.

Here are some of our ideas:

Visit wildfire recovery areas (that we are allowed in), one would be in Wrightwood. William Hallstrom is researching it.

Santa Fe Dam, north side. Cliff and Gabi McLean will be the leaders.

Rubio Canyon (a new one for me). 

Oakspring Trail. Little Tujunga Canyon.

Crystal Lake (great in the summer)

San Francisco Canyon (Aqua Dulce) 

Bill Neill geology and botanical hike.

We will have an exciting year ahead. I can’t wait to go outside and see the beautiful flowers and meet you in person. Zoom has been a lifesaver. It has helped us to stay connected during the isolation. But now it is time to go outside and enjoy nature!

-Helena Bowman, Chapter President

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