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Nov 3rd, 2021 (Article in newsletter, November 2021)

Pyrofiles & Other Comics

Naomi Volain

Naomi Volain creates Comics to teach about plants and the environment. Her field and hands-on methods as an urban high school science teacher were recognized with national and international awards. She’s now writing a graphic novel memoir that chronicles the science of breast cancer as a patient.

When the wildfires were blazing in late 2020, I felt shocked and powerless, but personally impacted as I watched ashes fall from the sky here in Pasadena. My reflex as a science teacher was to educate about the California native plants in relation to climate change. With cartooning as the media and genre that I teach in now, the challenge is to condense science education, relevance, and entertainment into brief sequential boxes (panels, in cartoon speak).

The first comic addresses California native plants that naturally require fire for germination. The second comic addresses wildfires caused by climate change, and the hope and optimism that humans can help reverse global warming’s trajectory.






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