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Mojave Desert 2014

Early in 2014, the coming spring bloom seemed to be doomed because of the unusually dry winter. Then in the last few days of February and the first few days of March the rain came down in quantity. Pasadena received approximately 6 inches of rain, and the nearby deserts were also well watered. The result several weeks later was one of the grandest Mojave Desert flower seasons that anyone can recall.

Our chapter arranged a special field trip to the Mojave Desert in early April to see this bloom. The photos below represent a selection of images from that field trip and from surrounding days. They give a good impression of the great variety of plants and flowers to be seen in the desert.

Two areas were visited in particular:
A. Black Butte Basin Road, north from where it leaves Highway 138
B. Bob's Gap area

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A. Black Butte Basin Road


Here we go

Flowers ahead

In the desert

Collecting ideas

San Gabriel Mountains

Apricot mallow

Brown-eyed primrose

California coreopsis

California evening primrose

Common pussypaws

Cooper's broomrape

Common fiddleneck

Cooper's boxthorn

Cooper's goldenbush

Creosote bush

Cushion cryptantha

Desert calico

Desert dandelion

Desert death camas

Desert mariposa lily

Evening snow

Fremont's monkeyflower

Fremont's monkeyflower

Fremont's pincushion

Fremont's phacelia


Jones's blazing star

Mojave monardella

Bearded cryptantha

Mojave sand verbena

Mojave suncup

Mojave woodyaster

Nuttall's crinklemat

Purple desert sage

Purple mat

Red triangles

Sapphire woolly star

Thistle sage

Silver puffs

Two-color phacelia

White mallow

White tidy tips

White-stemmed blazing star

Woolly milkweed

Winter fat

Yellow pepperweed

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B. Bob's Gap area


Acton encelia

Blue dicks

California coreopsis


Cream cups

Cream cups

Fremont's gold

Parish's larkspur

Perfoliate spineflower

Scale bud

Scarlet milkvetch

Veatch's blazing star

Yellow turbans

Interior goldenbush

Showy gilia

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