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Bob's Gap and beyond

Bob's Gap is a special place in the southern Mojave Desert, not far from Valyermo, where the road goes through a gap in the hills, and where a streambed at the base of the hill hosts many flowering plants. LIke many desert localities, spring blossom can be spectacular. Exactly what can be seen depends on prevailing rains and temperatures during the winter rainfall part of the year. We were fortunate to visit Bob's Gap as part of a series of annual desert field trips by our CNPS chapter. It was in fact one of those good years for wildflowers. We visited the area again in the following year, when the winter rains were substantially less optimal, and found almost no flowers (although we always finds things of interest.)

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In addition to Bob's Gap itself, we include here a couple of other nearby locations.
A. Bob's Gap, April 27 and 30
B. Theodore Payne Wildlife Sanctuary, April 27
C. Blalock Wildlife Sanctuary, April 30

Regarding the dates in the above list, we were about right for Bob's Gap and Blalock Wildlife Sanctuary, maybe a tiny bit late. But Theodore Payne Wildlife Sanctuary would probably have been better if we were a few weeks earlier.

In addition, see the collection of Bob's Gap photos on the Mojave Desert 2014 page.

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A. Bob's Gap

San Gabriel Mountains seen from Bob's Gap

Eriophyllum pringlei (Pringle's woolly sunflower)

Cryptantha circumscissa (Cushion cryptantha)

Camissonia campestris (Mojave sun cup)

Phacelia fremontii (Fremont's phacelia)

Linanthus parryae (Parry's linanthus)

Linanthus parryae (Parry's linanthus) and other wildflowers

Mimulus fremontii (Fremont's monkeyflower)

Mentzelia veatchiana (Veatch's blazinr star)

Linanthus breviculus (Mojave linanthus)

Phacelia distans (Common phacelia)

Tetradymia axillaris var. longispina (Cotton thorn)

Layia glandulosa (White tidytips)

Coreopsis bigelovii (Bigelow's coreopsis)

Eriophyllum wallacei (Wallace's woolly daisy)

Loeseliastrum matthewsii

Lupinus formosus (Summer lupine)

Castilleja plagiotoma (Mojave Indian paintbrush)

Delphinium parishii (Desert larkspur)

Centrostegia thurberi (Thurber's spineflower) and Eriophyllum pringlei

Pectocarya sp., perhaps penicillata

Dichelostemma capitatum (bue dicks)

Lomatium mohavense (Desert wild parsley),

Phacelia curvipes (Washoe phacelia)

Pholistoma membranaceum (White fiesta flower)

Unidentified sp.

Lupinus concinnus (bajada lupine)

Calyptridium monandrum (common pussypaws)

Purshia tridentata (Antelope bush)

Salvia columbariae (Chia)

Lime Kiln at Bob's Gap

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B. Theodore Payne Wildlife Sanctuary

At the Theodore Payne Wildlife Sanctuary

Salvia carduacea (thistle sage)

Camissonia campestris (Mojave sun cup)

Malacothrix glabrata (desert dandelion)

Chylismia claviformis (brown eyed evening primrose)

Chaenactis fremontii (Fremont's pincushion)

Leptosiphon aureus ssp. aureus (golden linanthus)


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C. Blalock Wildlife Sanctuary

Blalock Wildlife Sanctuary

Xylorhiza tortifolia (Mojave aster)

Acamptopappus sphaerocephalus (Goldenhead)

Lasthenia californica (California goldfields)

Lepidium fremontii (Desert pepper grass)

Encelia actoni (Acton's encelia)

Chaenactis fremontii (Fremont's pincushion

201--04-30 Chorizanthe brevicornu (brittle spineflower)

Blalock Wildlife Sanctuary

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Thanks to Jane Strong for assistance in identification of plants and flowers.